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10 romantic waterfalls to visit this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in Queensland falls at the end of summer, so finding a romantic destination to celebrate where you can also keep your cool is essential.

Relax, picnic and swim in a natural pool or challenge yourself to a hike that ends under the rainbow-hued mist of the falls.

The waterfalls and water holes throughout Queensland’s lush rainforests and bushland are the perfect spot to reconnect, recharge, and create a Valentine’s Day memory you’ll both keep forever.

1. Millaa Millaa Falls, Tropical North Queensland

Cascading into a picture-perfect waterhole below, the falls of Millaa Millaa in Tropical North Queensland are renowned for their beauty – and are some of the most photographed in Australia. Just a one and a half hour drive from Cairns, you’ll find Millaa Millaa in the Atherton Tablelands.

While there are many water holes and waterfalls on the way to Millaa Millaa on the waterfall circuit (including the Zillie and Ellinjaa Falls), press on until you reach these stunning falls and we guarantee your date won’t be disappointed.

2. Wallaman Falls, Townsville North Queensland

Surrounded by lush world-heritage rainforest, this natural wonder is Australia’s highest permanent single drop waterfall and is flowing year round. The rainbow-hued mist is a awe-inspiring spectacle and sure to charm your chosen companion.

The four kilometre walk to Wallaman Falls requires some hiking, so why not make an adventure of it and camp overnight at nearby Stony Creek, or continue on to a one or two day walk which begin at the falls and move down into the Herbert River valley.

3. Twin Falls, Springbrook National Park, Gold Coast

Why catch a glimpse of just one stunning South East Queensland waterfall when you can get two in one go? Nestled in Springbrook National Park, Twin Falls offers twice the natural wonder with two falls cascading side by side. Walk the Twin Falls Circuit to best enjoy the breathtaking views.

4. Josephine Falls, Tropical North Queensland

Release your inner child and reconnect with a loved one at Josephine Falls. The smooth granite boulders act as a natural playground, with pools for swimming and large expanses of rock ideal for dozing in the dappled sunshine. You’ll find Josephine Falls about an hour south of Cairns, in the Wooroonooran National Park.

5. Morans Falls, Lamington National Park

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to exhale and reflect, head to Morans Falls in Lamington National Park. Located in the heritage-listed Gwandana Rainforests, it’s just a one and a half hour drive from the Gold Coast, or a two hour road trip from Brisbane.

Follow the walking trail to the lookout of an afternoon and be rewarded with a gorgeous sunset over the falls and Morans Creek Gorge.

6. Babinda Boulders, Tropical North Queensland

Photo by @ozploring

A tale of forbidden love makes Babinda Boulders a very special spot to spend V-Day. Legend has it that a young Aboriginal woman named Oolana was forced to marry an older man, whom she had no feelings for. And, when a wandering tribe arrived, she found love at first sight with a handsome man named Dyga. They met every night until their tribes uncovered their secret. Disappointed, Dyga’s tribe took him far away. In pain and anguish, Oolana threw herself into the water creating an upheaval. Huge boulders emerged from the earth and she disappeared.

When you visit Babinda Boulders with your date, please refrain from swimming in Devil’s Pool. Stick to the main swimming area, it’s close to the car park and is very accessible.

Because the water runs straight from the tablelands, it’s fresh and slightly chilly, but on a balmy Valentine’s Day, all you’ll want to do is dive in.

7. Ellinjaa Falls, Tropical North Queensland

Beautiful from every angle, Ellinjaa Falls is arguably one of the most romantic falls along the Atherton Tablelands waterfall circuit, and ideal for making Valentine’s Day memories you’ll cherish. Grab your date’s hand and venture through the thundering sheet of water to find a hidden ledge under the falls, pop in for a swim, or share a picnic lunch with the rushing water as your companion. Turtles and platypus are sometimes spotted from the walkway.

You’ll find Ellinjaa Falls about a one and a half hour drive from Cairns and at the bottom of a lush rainforest staircase.

8. Cedar Creek Falls, Airlie Beach

Valentine's Day, Cedar-Creek-Falls, Airlie-Beach @jilarapearl

Photo by @jilarapearl

30 minutes inland from Airlie Beach you’ll find the oasis that is Cedar Creek Falls. Leave the world behind as you venture into this natural rock amphitheatre, experience the local flora and fauna and float in the cool clear water. Bliss.

9. Stoney Creek Falls, Fairy Falls and Crystal Cascades, Tropical North Queensland

Valentine's Day Queensland | Stoney-Creek-Falls-@mitch.toft

Photo by @mitch.toft

The Cairns locals know the magic of a waterfall only too well, and some of their favourites are just 15 minutes outside the city. Stoney Creek Falls, Fairy Falls and Crystal Cascades are a secluded series of idyllic waterfalls and swimming holes, ideal for a dip on a hot Valentine’s Day date.

10. Mena Creek Falls at Paronella Park, Tropical North Queensland

Photo by @j.e.muller

It doesn’t get more romantic than a waterfall and a castle on Valentine’s Day, which is what you’ll find if you venture to Paronella Park, just a one and half hour drive from Cairns.

In the early 1900, Jose Paronella built a Spanish-style castle complete with tennis courts, bridges and tunnels in tropical rainforest near the Mena Creek Falls.

Learn the romantic history of this unique destination on guided day and night park tours, and enjoy the beauty of the falls lit up at night. An eco-tourism award winning park, Paronella is even home to its own hydro electric plant.

Still chasing waterfalls? Here are a few more of our favourites: